The Shipbrokers Digital Assistant

A virtual shipping platform utilising all available data to provide a powerful global simulation for shipping operations.

Spot Ship

Our aim is to enable brokers by reducing their admin burden.

We use all available data in order to give brokers maximum information for minimum effort.


Machine learning enables us to learn behaviours of brokers, owners and charterers in order to improve our services for you as you use our system.


Services we specialise in:


Position Report Filing

We automate your data entry,  removing an onerous task


Intelligent Position Reports

Maximise the use of your data by having access to our analytical tools through our simple to use systems


Generate Position Reports

Automatically generate an up to date position report with a single click


Search for a Ship

Our platform allows you to search your entire data-base for the right ship for the right job


Smart Analytics

Generate reports easily in order to keep your clients informed


Meet the team


Henry Waterfield



James Kellett


Craig Bell


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