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Spot Ship is the ship broker’s digital assistant. Utilising powerful AI and machine learning tools we enable you to leverage your data at incredible speed

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We aim to enable brokers by reducing their admin burden. We use all available data in order to give brokers maximum information for minimum effort.


Machine learning enables the platform to support optimal decision-making, based on observation of past phenomena, and offer rapid customisation according to your preferences.


Services we specialise in


Instant automatic updates

Instant automatic update of cloud-based SQL database from your incoming position report emails and ICE messages.


Live fleet

Comprehensive satellite and terrestrial AIS global fleet tracking included in subscription.


User-friendly web app interface

Usable on any device, anywhere, our simple interface enables you to query the database in seconds and allows for easy one-click Excel and PDF export.


Draft changes monitor

Enabling identification of ballasters and facilitating speculation of hidden
open ships.


Global ports database

Continuously updated database of over 2500 global ports. Includes information on crane facilities, as well as draft and beam restrictions.


Zone entering and departing alerts

Available via email or text, enabling immediate response
to market developments.


Meet the team

Henry Waterfield

James Kellett

Craig Bell

Mike O'Gorman
Head of BD

Maetusz Cygal
Senior Software Engineer

Cosmin Croitoriu
Software Engineer

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